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Shawn "Lurch" Frantz

Shawn M. Frantz died Thursday, Dec. 11, 2003, as a result of injuries sustained when he was struck by a hit-and-run driver.

Born in Princeton, Shawn was a graduate of Hightstown High School, and attended Mercer County Vocational-Technical School, where he received training in auto-body repair and welding. He was previously employed by Watlington's T's in Monmouth Junction and was recently employed by NTB (National Tire and Battery) in Lawrenceville.

He is survived by his parents, Verne and Janet Kubiak Frantz of Hightstown; his maternal grandmother, Vivian Kubiak of Monmouth; his paternal grandmother, Jean Frantz of Monroe Township; two aunts, Carol Zamora of Monmouth Junction and Catherine Greco of Kingston, and four cousins, Michael, Anthony and Daniel Greco, all of Kingston, and Natalie Zamora of Monmouth Junction.

Shawn is Buried at Princeton Cemetery.

The Man who hit Shawn was caught and charged with
Leaving the scene and drug possession and was given two 4 year terms -



Pictures of Shawn

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Shawn and Beetlejuice

Shawn and Rob Zombie

What people had to say Name: Paul Borginis
Shawn - I'll miss you dude!

Miss you Lurch!

I didnt know him well but,we hung out at Tina's a few times very recently.Shawn was a really nice guy.A bit on the quiet side till you threw on some Pantera.Then it was on.You could almost see the gleam in his eye when a hardcore guitar riff was on its way.One Love Shawn,you will be missed more than you know.....

Name: josh
shawn was a good friend to all and will be missed by all. may he rest in piece.

Name: Joey Cucchiaro
I don't know Shawn but i was reading this page and i seen this picture of Shawn and it said remembrance and I clicked it and now looking at it.....Shawn rest in will be greatly missed by a lot of people You Have Moved On To A Better Please R.I.P Shawn

Name: Jessica Soden
Shawn I will always charish my Hatebreed sweatshirt you got me at the concert in birch hill.. The late nights at the diner and nagging you to get your car inspected... How we got tatoos the same day and didn't even know...... Rest in peace my friend I will always remember you....Love Jessica

Name: Barclay Hills
Lurch, I'll miss you, diner life will not be the same with out you.

Name: Christine
I remember the nights when it was just me shaq and lurch, the times out with Jessica at the Americana. sitting at the diner by myself at the counter lurch was the only one to come over n talk to me. im gonna miss him so much Americana just wont be the same :( rip Shawn ur gonna be missed man.

Name: john
denim shorts rule.whiskey rock'n' rolla.a friend in a world full of enemies.''I got your back always forever.I got this''.-E.TOWN CONCRETE ''I GOT THIS.''SEEYUH.



Name: John
Fffrrreeeeee bbbiiirrrddd.whiskey rock'n'roller.J.D.and Ice Cream rules.
I had fun with lurch. There was nothing he did that was BAD.


Name: Ken
Lurch is a dam good guy. He was a good friend to me for almost 22 years before he had to leave this world. I am glad you made this page and I will pass it along to all who should see this.

Name: L
Lurch... It was a pleasure, man. Thanks for being my friend.

Name: Verne Frantz
Today is March 5th. Happy Birthday Shawn. Your Mom and I will be paying you a visit today. We miss you more than you know.... Love Dad.

Name: kris the diner junkie
Lurch man, you made me laugh, shit u even made me cry, but u know what- i'll never forget u buddy. Rock on!!

Name: Nick
Lurch made the world a brighter place. He was happy with what he had, which might not have been much from someone eles's view, but it was what he wanted. He could always make the people around him smile and laugh. I'll never forget the good times I had with him. I know you're up there eating redneck Shop-Rite cookies and drinking your drink of choise, JD. We'll forever remember the oddity that was called "Lurch".

Name: Angie
Lurch was a great guy if you had a bad day you knew that you could talk to him and he would find a way to make you laugh. He always had the best of intentions even if he did'nt know it. Even though Lurch was a big METALHEAD he still found time to sit and have serious conversations. I don't think he realized how many people's lives he touched. I will miss you forever and always.

Name: Garry
once again Thank you for being part of our lives shawn. We all miss you! You will always be part of the Brazen video Crew.

Hi, I just wanted to stop by and tell you I saw the post on the Zombie board. I thought it was the least I could do to stop by and tell you how sorry I am for your loss. If I had Rob sitting here I am sure he would send his wishes as well, but he's on set of his movie for another couple of weeks... anyway, best to you all.

Name: Mike
Life sucks sometimes ... but we will just have to learn to deal ... and see you on the other side.

Name: Matthew Marshall
Shawn was my friend for over 20 years. The way he died was horrible and makes me sick. I think that he's in a really great place and you don't need to be a church goer to go to a beautiful place after you leave your shell. I hope that the person who hit him is able to deal with himself for the rest of his life knowing what he has done to all of his family and friends. Their will never be another Shawn. I will be getting a memorial tatoo for Shawn soon and I hope everybody remembers the good stuff. And as wierd as it sounds I feel sorry for the guy who hit him. Nobody wins. I miss Shawn and I have sent prayers his way and he is all around us now and knows everything.

Name: Samantha Lawrence
I didn't know shawn that well, but i think anyone that loses a loved one is a tragedy. I think about him sometimes and i start to feel sad. Then i think to myself, if he was to look down on us right now, and he saw us all crying, what would he think? he would probably think that we should smile. He would want us to be happy and always keep him in our hearts. I know he will always have a special place in mine. Also, i pray for the person that took his life away. I hope that he can live with what he has done. I'll always remember shawn. R.I.P shawn frantz.

Name: sarah
my brother thought of shawn as his best friend, and I just wanted to say we'll all miss him very much. we love you shawn

Name: Alice Lawrence
Shawn and my son Kenny were about the same age and knew each other all their lives as I knew Shawn's mother Janet and his father Vern. I always felt that although Shawn was a very quiet person, he had a deep and creative side and a fantastic personality. I always enjoyed talking to him. I miss him as he felt like one of my extended "sons". I know things weren't always easy for him, but I know he was on the cusp of greatness and that makes this even more of a tragedy. I miss you, we miss you, see you soon. Save me a seat on the bus.

Name: Angie
I just want want everyone to know that Shawn "Lurch" memory will forever live on in our hearts. And his name is also being carried on in my son which i have named after Shawn. He is now 6 months old and unfortunately will never get to meet his namesake. But I also know that Lurch is looking after him and taking care of him in spirit. I don't think that Lurch realized what kind of an impact he made on our lives. Then again i don't think that anyone did until he was gone. We love you and we miss you greatly. Rest In Peace.

Name: A friend
Shawn, not a day goes by when I don't miss you. I know you're in a better place then me right now. We all love you and miss you 24/7/365. Watch over us 'till we meet again. Jim, Jack and Johnny all miss you man,

A note from Brazen Video Productions We at Brazen Video Productions have lost a great person and a even better friend.  We started this page to keep a running memory of him - and to never forget him.  Lurch will be missed more then he would have ever known, and not a day goes by - we don't shed a tear.

Lurch - we miss you man!

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